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Click on any of the links embedded (bold blue link) below to take you to the various FARA resources available to club members.  Also under the “Members Area” menu above there are additional features.

Field Day Organizer
A site used for planning and gathering equipment for the Field Day activity held on the fourth full weekend in June.
An Inventory of the the antenna’s in the club box can be found here by this link:  Antenna Box Inventory 
Use need to use w4fau for the username & redfoxes for the password for pop-up credentials that pops up.

Past Field Day Photos and Videos

Subscribe to FARA’s Discussion Group at 
As if 30 April 2020 FARA started using as a discussion tool.  If you would like to receive emails passing through this club discussion group service, visit the link above and sign up and join.  You must first have a account or you need to register for one.  This is a private group and you must be approved by a moderator.  A confirmation email will be sent to you to let you know what you have been approved.

Welcome Note with website and information

FARA Weekly Net Recordings  as of 06/09/2021

FARA Corporate Documents
Articles of Incorporation and By Laws for FARA.

Virginia QSO Party Resources
All Virginia QSO Party Information has moved to this page.

Field Day Analyzer
A site used to host historic scoring data for past FARA W4VA Field Day entries submitted to the ARRL.

Field Day 2022 Picture Gallery

Send Email to the Membership via
Once you have signed up for and joined the W4VA group  the emails you send to are automatically broadcast out to members who have signed up to the w4va  group. Plus each message is archived for later review thus preserving important discussions.

Prior to 30 April 2020, FARA used a more traditional email reflector group for discussion.  It served the club well from 2006 – 2020.  All of those discussions are preserved for the use of the membership to research past discussions.  There are very detailed discussions of all things amateur radio and as well as past club activities that have been saved for the benefit of the membership.  We hope one day to get the archives preserved with in  In the mean time members can view and search discussions in the past using the following links.

Email Reflector List Archives Prior to 30 Apr 2020
Use need to use w4fau for the username & redfoxes for the password for pop-up credentials that pops up. As mentioned above, all emails sent to the reflector are archived to preserve all our good ideas discussed in the email reflector list exchanges.

Email Reflector Archive Search Prior to 30 Apr 2020
Once again if you get the popup credentials box you need to enter them the same as above.   You may search the above archive by using the link above and typing in keyword(s) and submit for processing.

Video Albums
Various videos captured by club members attending our various activities and events.

Great Pumpkin Ride Route Map

Great Pumpkin Ride Signup Sheet

Field Day 2019 Presentation May 2019.  Click format PPTX or PDF

FARA Archives
A collection of documents from the past activities of FARA.