October presentation shows operations from DX locations

  This October Harv K2PI presented a pictorial of his DX travels from over 27 yrs. He discussed the challenges of operating from both common and rare DX locations. Harv covered some excellent information including his 7 steps for success when considering operating from abroad. To download and review Harv’s PPT presentation (4MB) click here.

August meeting covers Electrical Measurements of PL259 Connectors

John, kx4o, presented measurements made on several examples of ‘UHF’ (PL-259 and SO-239) connectors alongside SMA, N, BNC and TNC connectors. The above charts show the UHF connectors in Red, the other connectors in Cyan and a reference baseline in Black. A particular focus is the idea mismatch loss results from the connector’s deviation from …

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March meeting covers Microcontrollers

  At this months meeting Andy K1RA presented information on microcontrollers. The presentation covered these tiny computer devices and compared them to microprocessors, noted where they are used, popular models, vendors and kits and associated programming from both the hardware and software perspectives. Finally Tom KG3V, Eric W4EON and Andy K1RA each presented and demonstrated …

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November Meeting covers QRP Fox Hunts

  Andy K1RA presented information about QRP Fox Hunt events. The presentation covered QRP (low power) operations and radio equipment, QRP centric radio organizations, the QRP Fox Hunt sponsors and their event, including dates, times, rules and procedures. As a bonus a short video and audio clip was played to demonstrate the actual event. Likewise …

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October meeting covers APRS (Automated Packet Reporting System)

Andy K1RA and Mark KD6AKC presented information and a live demonstration of APRS, the Automated Packet Reporting System, which was created by Bob Bruninga WB4APR. The information covered APRS’s purpose and scope within amateur radio, pitfalls and misconceptions of the technology and the required hardware and software needed to participate within the network. Mark brought …

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April meeting Highlights RF Propagation Prediction and Beacon Resources

At the April meeting Andy K1RA presented information and links to various online propagation resources, including published long and short term HF, VHF and UHF propagation predictions, RF propagation prediction software and various real-time CW, PSK and WSPR beacon projects. The information included real-time map displays, DX cluster web sites and free software used to …

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March meeting covers Software Defined Radios

During our March 2010 meeting Andy K1RA presented details on SDR’s or Software Defined Radios. The presentation covered a brief history, a technical overview, commercial and DIY SDR hardware, freeware software and a live demo. Andy brought in his Softrock RXTX v6.3 SDR along with several software applications including Rocky, SDRadio, WinRad and PowerSDR. Both …

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