My First ARRL Field Day 2024

(Ed note): Field Day, which was held June 22 through June 23, this year starred record heat topping out at 100° with the low only being 79° at 6 AM Sunday. This did not deter the members of FARA from persevering and putting forth a full category 4A effort. This year we have a brand …

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ARRL Field Day 2023

Skip to VideoSkip to Slideshow The annual ARRL Field Day exercise took place this year from June 24th through June 25th. The members of FARA once again participated at C. M. Crockett Park in Midland, VA. Again this year Justin, NB3A, and Anna, KN4DWZ, headed our Field Day effort which resulted in a very successful …

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FARA Field Day 2019

The Members of FARA again this year participated in the annual ARRL Field Day Event.  This year our Field Day Chairman was our President, KN4GDX, his first time being involved with Field Day in this capacity.  We also were able to get some pre-Field Day press coverage:

The weather prediction

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