VA QSO Party 2021

Once again the members of FARA fanned out across the Commonwealth for the annual Virginia QSO Party. The Association was very pleased that a lot of our newer members set out on their first amateur radio event. Some of our members turned the outing into a family trip like KX4O We also had our long …

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KM4OZH’s Roves ARRL VHF Contest

KM4OZH/R Antenna's Side

Gil, KM4OZH, participated as a limited rover in the ARRL January VHF contest with his rolling Mercedes-Benz antenna farm. He was able to activate eight different grids, admitting he was “Driving too much and operating too little”.  “Traffic was not bad and neither was the weather”.   He was scared off by snow in the Pennsylvania …

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FARA’s 2020 Field Day Deployment

ARRL Field Day 2020 was certainly different that any previous Field Day event.  Because of the pandemic and social distancing (a phrase that we all are sick of hearing) the ARRL temporarily change the rules to allow club scoring from individual participating stations.   We as a club decided near the end of May that we …

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