FARA Fox Hunt #2 2022

The Foxes for second Fox Hunt of 2022 where the married team of Katie, K4TER, and David N7RCE.

This time they created 10 teams of hunters as many were first timers to a Fox Hunt.

RedNic KY4OP, Bri KO4NLR, Sarah, Aurelia, Declan, Kiernan, Kyle, James, Colin, Wendell Sr, Wendell Jr and Stephanie
PurpleMatt W4GO, Natalie, Molly, and Carl
WhiteMark and Barbara
PinkBrad N7IVV
BlueDalyah KQ4BSI, Joe KN4LSB, Lizzy, Xandon, Charles, Charles Jr, John and William
GoldMike KF4TEK and Becca KJ7APV
GreenChuck KO4VNZ, Joshua, Vincent, Luke, Pat
SilverMike N2NAR and Kristina
YellowKevin W4RKU and Ron K3FR
OrangeGarth K4BOX and Oscar KO4ZKY
VioletClaude N4QLV
The Fox Hunters
Chuck, KO4VNZ, Joshua, Vincent, Luke, Pat

The Fox Hunt started at 10:00 a.m. The results:

FinishTeamTime FinishTeamTime
1Purple11:01 a.m. 6Pink 
2White11:08 a.m. 7Green 
3Gold11:20 a.m. 8Blue 
4Red  9YellowDNF
5Orange  10VioletDNF
The Fox was hidden under at the Midland Christian Academy in plain sight

The first team to get close to the Fox was the White Team. Mark and Barbara were close to the location at 10:46 am. As non-Hams this was their first Fox Hunt! Great job! See you at testing next month!
The second team to get close was the Pink Team at 10:48. The third team to get close was the Purple Team at 10:50am.

FIRST PLACE – Purple Team: Great job Matt, W4GO, Natalie, Molly and Carl.
The winning antenna design
2ND PLACE – White Team! Barbara and Mark
Third Place – Even with a delayed start, the Gold Team of Mike, KF4TEK and Becca, KJ7APV, finished 3rd.

It was a VERY hot day, and everyone had a great time! Congratulations to all Teams. Great turnout and participation – 43 hounds and 2 foxes.

Congratulations to W4GO and his family on being the winner!

We went to Messick’s Farm Market for after-the-hunt socializing and telling of tall tales. We invite anyone interested in foxhunting, especially anyone who has not done it before, to join us. Those new to the hobby can ride with an experienced hunter. We always have a good time, win, lose or draw.

Katie, K4TER and David, N7RCE