Fox Hunt April 2022

FARA held the first of its three scheduled Fox Hunts for 2022 on April 16th, and Mother Nature cooperated nicely with beautiful spring weather. The hunters assembled at the Warrenton-Fauquier Airport parking lot in Midland, VA to begin the hunt. About 20 people turned out, including club members with their young children, and a few “radio dogs.” It was also exciting to see our newest, youngest, hams there as well: Bri, KO4NLR and Oscar, KO4ZYK.

The fox was turned loose at 10:00, and the hunters got their initial bearings and headed out to locate the transmitter. Not every hunter used the same techniques to locate the signal, but eventually everyone finally figured out that the signal originated somewhere in C.M. Crockett Park in Midland.

Once the hunters arrived in the general area of the fox the search became more challenging since the closer you are to the signal the more difficult it becomes to pinpoint the exact transmitter location. Eventually Brad, N7IVV and Matt, W4GO located the transmitter at almost the same time (Matt admits that he and his “team” of three young family members had been there for about 20 minutes searching in vain before Brad showed up!). Check the pictures in the slide show to see how crafty the organizers were in hiding the fox!


The Club would like to thank Bruce, KN4GDX, his wife Diana, KO4QJR, and James, KO4QKN, for organizing this fun and challenging event!

The next hunt is scheduled for July 16.