VA QSO Party 2021

Once again the members of FARA fanned out across the Commonwealth for the annual Virginia QSO Party.

KM4OZH/M heading south on I-95 getting in position for the VAQP

The Association was very pleased that a lot of our newer members set out on their first amateur radio event.

Allen, KO4NMC, a brand new ham, gets involved right away using his RV as a rover
KX4O and Family
KX4O and his XYL visiting their son at college eating lunch

Some of our members turned the outing into a family trip like KX4O

KX4O with his XYL doing the logging

We also had our long time members participating as well.

Mark, KD6AKC, running during the 2021 VAQP, coffee at his side
Jim, K4JJR, and Karen’s, W4KRN, 80 m antenna on the back and the V/UHF antennas on the roof

Everyone who has worked the VAQP over the the past four years has probably worked the infamous W4GO/M.  This year he reached his goal of working mobile in every county in the Commonwealth!  That is a major feat – congratulations Matt!

Matt, adjusting the W4GO/M 80 m antenna

Here are some slideshows of other member’s efforts.  We start with Gil as KM4OZH/M.

Newly minted hams Nic, KO4IUM and his Daughter Bri, KO4NLR, headed to Skyline Drive for their first VAQP.

then we have our long time dynamic duo of Justin, NB3A, and Anna, KM4DWZ, out on their always adventurous roving operation.

Another father daughter combination is Evan, KS1PPY and his Daughter, head out to Skyline drive as well!

Her is a video of  KS1PPY operating during the contest.

Thanks to all the members for their participation.  Hopefully the final club combined score reflects the effort of all of the members of FARA!