KM4OZH’s Roves ARRL VHF Contest

Gil, KM4OZH, participated as a limited rover in the ARRL January VHF contest with his rolling Mercedes-Benz antenna farm.

KM4OZH/R Roving Benz
Side view of KM4OZH’s contest roving vehicle.

He was able to activate eight different grids, admitting he was “Driving too much and operating too little”.  “Traffic was not bad and neither was the weather”.   He was scared off by snow in the Pennsylvania Mountains.

He operated 33 hours hardly turning the car off.  He started FM18, then proceeded to FM08, FM09, FN10, FN00, FM17, FM17, FM07, and ended up back in FM18.

KM4OZH/R Operating Position
KM4OZH/R Command Center. Very cool!

Gil noted that he was disappointed in the turnout for the contest this year, but FARA members “… came to the rescue with 30 contacts in a short time.  Many thanks to FARA”.  He also said “I didn’t work I did not work as many further out grids as last year so I may be forced kicking and screaming into the digital age!”

KM4OZH/R Antenna's Rear
Look at that antenna mount!

Thank you to Gil for sharing and participating.