FARA Holds First VE Session in Many Years

Thanks to Katie and David Gilliam, K4TER and N7RCE, the FARA held its first VE Session in many years. The club has been wanting to resume VE sessions for a while and with the pandemic restricting the number of VE sessions, the desire was even greater. Katie and David who had just joined our club volunteered to head the effort.

To maintain the requirement for social distancing an outdoor venue was necessary. Fauquier Park’s Crockett Park had pavilions and was available for use. So once a place was secured, they rounded up VE’s to give the exam, including Hams from the Stafford Amateur Radio Association and the Heritage Hunt Hams.

Test takers properly social distancing taking their amateur radio exams.
The session was a success with several new Technician licensees and a couple of General class licenses.

The club would like to thank Katie and David for undertaking this task and we hope to hold more sessions in the future. Thanks to FARA Members Steve, K3KQ, Angel NR3N, Paul AB4VA and Ross N4RP as well as volunteers from other clubs including Kevin KW9KAW, with Heritage Hunt and Richard, KH7RC, Harry, KI4JVE and Emmett, K3EP with S.A.R.A.